Storytelling with integrity

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That's what The Copy Therapist is all about.

I may have the words, but your business will spark them to life; your head and heart will give the story substance. 

But first, let me tell you a little bit about me

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I love to write: creatively, academically, critically, but above all, compassionately.

I live for raw, authentic self expression. If it's not words, then my Nikon holds sway.  

It's an interesting outcome to an honours degree in Film, English, and Philosophy. In truth, every road of my academic career has led to this point

I'm Keshia


To say I am passionate about content writing is an understatement. It's a love affair so deep, I quit my day job, waved goodbye to an MA program (along with a hefty deposit), and turned an employer into my first client. 

Film continues to be a pillar of passion in my life. Add to that my interests in academic writing, research, critical thinking, behavioural psychology, and phenomenology, copywriting felt like a no-brainer—that, or a lengthy academic career (believe me, I've considered it). 

My lifelong love of cinema has instilled a deep understanding of effective storytelling.

I have studied the craft in detail and gleaned immeasurable insight into how captivating stories are created; the mechanisms that entail an engaging journey from start to finish; and how to resonate with your audience so they'll come back for seconds. 


I fully believe everything you need to know about effective marketing that thrills and delights can be found in the horror genre—and the theories that surround it. 


It's not enough to share stories; I want to use my diverse background to help fellow creatives make a difference.

Compelling content has the power to reach an audience, dig down deep into their soul, and motivate them to take action.

SEO Content Writing is not just marketing technique and formula, it's putting the human at the heart of every sentence and helping people connect for the purpose of betterment. 

The Copy Therapist Mission

The Copy Therapist is for healing harmful content and soothing pain points with compassion, integrity, and a view to empower the individual on both sides.

Behind the Copy Therapist is an enduring,all-consuming love for writing and a deep respect for those who consume it. 


At the heart of my work is the drive to empower people with knowledge, words, and expression.


Providing a platform for those who struggle to forge their own is vitally important to me.


The world is filled with enlightened and talented individuals who simply lack the means to connect with the audiences they deserve.


My goal is to be the bridge.

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